WARRIOR PHILOSOPHY I am STRAYPOWER; A Warrior Philosopher. Therefore I am not concerned necessarily in the outcome of an event and where it takes us, although thought of my own destiny, to unleash the warrior with in me. I can achieve the mind of a literal human being, an artist not concerned with the fate of the world, but my own fate. The challenges I may face with in the turmoil of society will only make me stronger, an artist and a Warrior Philosopher ready and well prepared to nurture the messages of my theory... Sincerely, Don. Larsen.”

Therefore; tHE lIVING aGAIN THEORY...

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Entering the Realms of Harmony... 

Entering the Realms of Harmony... when we have our mindset towards the attitude of success rather than mediocracy we understand that fear can be difficult to overcome yet possible with this mindset of success we realize the purpose is so worth putting in the effort for a brand new day of joy. And to the Realms of Harmony we continue. There is so much love around us to enjoy with confidence... and to always understand the strong winds beat upon the house yet with the foundation of rock we maintain strong. Into the Realms of Harmony...


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